Initiatives & Referendums

Seventy percent of US citizens currently have the right to place statutes and constitutional amendments on their state-wide ballots, along with popular referendums. Not so for Alabama (except for Birmingham citizens who have had this right since 1911). Pulse Opinion Research polled 500 likely voters in each state in June 2010. Alabama registered voters scored 71% in favor of Initiatives and Referendums, 11% opposed and 18% unsure. Popular referendums can be used by Alabamians when the legislature, county commissioners, and city leaders fail to act.

This process could be used to send a mandate to the career politicians in Montgomery to finally open up the state to an educational lottery such as Powerball and Mega Millions, for the benefit of all of Alabama’s school children, colleges, and trade schools. Issues relating to abortion, gas taxes, grocery taxes, marijuana laws, and other hot topics could similarly be decided in accordance with the voter’s will.