Why vote for a Libertarian?

A Libertarian is not a liberal as some may think, it's actually the complete opposite in many cases. A Libertarian focuses on protecting American liberty, and the rights and freedoms of ALL citizens. A Libertarian believes in sticking to the Constitution, reducing the size of Government, reducing taxes, an amendment requiring a balanced budget, reducing foreign involvement, supporting gun owner's rights. A Libertarian also supports the individual's rights in their pursuit of happiness and a good life, to include racial equality, same sex marriages, and many other freedoms which must be protected against politicians driven to satisfy special interest groups and large PACs.

A Libertarian is also allowed to have an independent mind and voice objections to national party policies if considered inconsistent with the individual's beliefs. In that spirit, it should be noted that I have formally registered my variance against the Libertarian national planks regarding the abolishment of the death penalty. Please feel free to read other sections on this site describing my position on the issues. Thank you!

For the full picture, go to this link: Platform | Libertarian Party (lp.org)